The Value of a REAL Wedding DJ


In today’s age, becoming a DJ isn’t the challenge it used to be. Equipment is easy to come by, and music is everywhere. This has led to a lot of emerging DJs who may know how to mix music, and adjust speaker volumes, but don’t have what it takes to be a professional Wedding DJ. When couples shop for a Wedding DJ they should be comparing the value of their DJ rather than the financial cost of their DJ. There are a lot of elements that go into being a great Wedding DJ, and they’re often overlooked during the consultation process. Here are a few things to look out for when looking for a REAL Wedding DJ.

Music Knowledge

Your Wedding DJ should be well versed in every genre, and decade of music. In most cases weddings have guests ranging from babies to grandparents, and it’s the DJ’s job to make sure every person has a reason to dance and have a great time. This takes an in depth understanding of what songs pair well together, and how to play for a crowd.

Professional Attire

This may seem like a question you shouldn’t have to ask, but unfortunately it’s one of the most important questions you should be asking. What will your DJ be wearing to your Wedding? You would be surprised by the amount of horror stories we’ve heard where the DJ showed up in a t-shirt and jeans. Not only is your DJ a focal point during the reception, but there is a big likelihood they will appear in the background of photographs as well. Make sure your DJ is prepared to dress for the occasion!

Stage Presence

A Wedding DJ doesn’t just play music all night, they make several announcements throughout the night, including the entrances of the wedding party and couple. Now imagine standing in front of a crowd of 100+ guests and having to coordinate music changes along with pronouncing all of the names in the 20 person bridal party correctly. It’s one of the most challenging parts of the night, and also one of the most important. Having the right amount of stage presence takes experience, patience, and skill, and that allows us to master the art of the entrances.

Organized Event Planner

A great Wedding DJ spends a lot of his night working with vendors to make sure everything happens when it’s supposed to. This includes making sure photographers are aware of when special moments are happening, and communicating with the facility so that everything is served on time.

When it comes down to the details, hiring a real Wedding DJ means having someone there to make sure your day is perfect no matter what happens. We strive to make every event the best event we’ve ever worked. This goal let’s us have a blast while giving you the experience of your life. So the next time you look for a Wedding DJ that will make your night unforgettable, look at their value and choose the business that guarantees the best.

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